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New Tracks: Twin Peaks announce new album & release “Walk To The One You Love”

The combination of words “Twin Peaks” means different things to different people. To San Franciscans, it’s the only place within the city for hiking. To Texans, it’s a restaurant chain. To David Lynch fans, it’s a legendary tv show. And to fans of indie rock, it’s the name of one of the most recent powerhouse bands to come off of the label Grand Jury Music. Right now, only the last iteration of Twin Peaks is making news, with their announcement of their third full-length album, Down in Heaven, due out on May 13. The announcement comes along with the release of the first song off of the album an upbeat and funky track entitled Walk to the One You Love that (in the tradition of bands like Day Wave and DIIV) showcases the fact surf rock can be enjoyed even in the dead of winter. And in true Twin Peaks fashion, the band known for its silly nature released a “teaser” video as well, parodying the teaser that was released for Lynch’s new season of their namesake show.



Carolyn Hanson

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