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New Track: Alejandro Mosso reworks Santuri’s “Xylophone”

Gilles Peterson’s radio program, “The Worldwide Show,” ceaselessly premieres remarkable tracks that meld electronic beats with traditional music from around the world. His latest find is a rework of “Xylophone” by the talented producer and musician Alejandro Mosso. The track will be released in the new EP Santuri’s Embaire Umeme, out via On The Corner Records. Featuring the re-recorded and rearranged compositions of Uganda’s Mugwisa International Xylophone Group, the record was assisted by Santuri Safari—a music collective that supports the East African underground electronic music scene.

Alejandro Mosso, the Argentinian who has a background in electropop and post rock, has been around the electronic scene for the past 10 years, with releases via Cocoon Recordings, Lomidhigh Records and OOTO. His rework of “Xylophone” starts off with a steady drum rhythm and xylophone riff and reveals the jabber between a couple of Ugandan men. A few minutes into the track, the chit-chat evolves into a loop and the focal melody played either by a kora or zither emerges shortly thereafter. “Xylophone” drifts between the ambient sounds of Ugandan music and an upbeat house track as Mosso skillfully surfaces a powerful bass line every few minutes.

For more tracks that blend house, ambient and world music, check out Alejandro’s own label, Mosso. Listen to “Xylophone” below:



Yasemin Kosereisoglu

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