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New Track: Miike Snow drops “Genghis Khan”

Swedish producers Miike Snow broke their three-year silence recently with the announcement of a new record. Their second single from forthcoming album iii “Genghis Khan” is a dark and beguiling track alluding to the founder of one of the world’s most powerful empires. Another in a series of catchy Miike Snow tracks, Andrew Wyatt easily entrances the listener with sharp falsetto “hoots” accompanied by an already thriving beat and powerful piano progression. The track tenses up in the bridge where Wyatt complains, “I wanna make up my mind but I don’t know myself,” right before bursting out that sometimes we go mad and “get a little bit Genghis Khan.”


While this track sounds like the Miike Snow we all know and love, we can be sure to expect a lot more experimentation on iii, as witnessed from what we heard in the record’s first hip-hop influenced single, “Heart Is Full.”

iii comes out March 4, 2016 via Atlantic/Downtown Records.

Nate Poblete

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