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New Track: LVL UP, “Hidden Driver”

In the FADER interview that accompanied the track premiere this morning, they describe Brooklyn indie quartet LVL UP as “The Brooklyn band that’s so good no one will let them break up.” This must be true when I consider the turmoil I feel when I consider the possibility, especially before I get to see what they come up with on their major label debut – they release their third full-length record Return To Love on Sub Pop September 23.

This second single will open the record, setting a familiar tone of wistful contemplation combined with heartfelt optimism. They grapple with big questions on this track; lyrics like “God is peeking / softly speaking / breaking everything” question our own agency – whether we truly make choices of our own volition, or that there really is a “hidden driver” placing obstacles in our path that force us to fork in different directions. This feels all the more poignant considering their jump from their own DIY label Double Double Whammy to Sub Pop – 2014’s Hoodwink’d is a tough act to follow, but each release since indicates even bigger things are on the horizon for these guys.

Mandy Brownholtz

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