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New Track: HEALTH, “Crusher”

LA’s HEALTH released their first album in five years last year with DEATH MAGIC, an unusually melodic and pop-driven take on their usual punishingly loud noise rock sound. This seems to have ushered in a period of strong creative drive for the band, as they’ve since released a remix of DEATH MAGIC track “Stonefist” with Empress Of and Boys Noize, as well as new track “Crusher.”

They released “Crusher” as part of the Adult Swim Singles series. Of it, vocalist Jake Duzsik said to FADER: “We made the decision a long time ago to at a least always make an attempt to sound new, and not to sound like anyone else. It’s always been a huge pain in the ass. We hope this song continues that struggle.” And that struggle does continue here – “Crusher” signifies a synthesis of HEALTH’s old and new sounds. It’s not as pop-driven as DEATH MAGIC, offering up a bit more of the erratic chaos of their earlier releases, but still then is not as rough. This track doesn’t sound like anyone but HEALTH, a band consistently topping their own best efforts.

Click through below to listen and download the mp3 on Adult Swim’s website.


Mandy Brownholtz

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