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New EP: Frankie Cosmos drops Fit Me In

Dreamy songwriter Frankie Cosmos (née Greta Simone Kline) burst onto the scene with last year’s Zentropy, released on super indie Brooklyn label Double Double Whammy. She’s back with a new EP called Fit Me In – the songs possess the same earnest, bedroom feel of Zentropy, but with an added wariness that comes with being 21 in New York City. The first single was “Sand,” a 49-second homage to listlessly touching all the books outside the Strand. “Young” is our favorite track, if only for its aching self-awareness. She sings “I heard about being young, but I’m not sure how it’s done…I heard a mumble, something about, ‘fun.'” Cosmos was 19 when Zentropy came out; now she’s 21. The expectations are high, but she shouldn’t worry – she’s surpassing them.



Mandy Brownholtz

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