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Moving Beyond with Kira Metcalf

Brooklyn singer songwriter Kira Metcalf delivers evocative folk-flavored tunes that are centered on themes of emotional struggle and eventual transcendence. Kira’s ability to meditate on inner turmoil through song has made her a songwriter to be watched and is perfectly exemplified through “Lily,” the lead single from her upcoming album ‘Indelicate.’

Ahead of her record release show in Zone One at Elsewhere on 11/2, Kira took the time to answer a few of our questions.

You’re celebrating the release of your sophomore record ‘Indelicate’ on November 2 at Elsewhere, congrats! The record will be centered around themes of loss and heartbreak. What did the process of making this record look like? Do you feel recharged finally getting it out into the world?

To be honest I was in a bit of a slump for a few years, driven by bouts of anxiety and depression that kept me from actually getting into the studio. I write very sporadically, always starting with lyrics that come from something I’m dealing with emotionally and then all of a sudden the rest of it comes from just fooling around on guitar. Most times I try to write nothing happens. I had a bit of a breakthrough after college and decided it was time to get these songs out there, regardless of how many years ago I’d written them. My producer, TK was behind me 100% and was a great collaborator and support system. I definitely feel recharged by the process, mostly just by knowing I can do it. Now that new material is coming a bit easier, I’m just eager to get this EP out and move on to what’s next!

Your latest single “Lily” from your new album feels more stripped down and intimate than your debut ‘Kissing Daisies.’ Were there any musical influences that helped shape the overall sound of this record?

I wrote Lily in 2013 when I was starting a new relationship. The song evokes everything I wanted to be at the time: calm, soft, delicate, collected. At the time I was writing Kissing Daisies, at 15-16, I was more focused on writing “rock” songs. For some reason I thought that’d be the only way I’d get taken seriously. Lately it’s not so much that I take more musical influences but more that I try to tune into the arrangement that the song is calling for and not be afraid to just roll with it.

How does your poetry inform your songwriting/lyricism?

So I studied poetry and literary/lyrical translation in college and from my writing during that time I actually got the shells for both Lily and Limits. I think poetry can enable us to better understand ourselves, each other and our environment in unexpected ways, which is something I try to do in my own writing.

You have been oscillating between NY and Long Island. How does the music scene in Brooklyn differ from Long Island? Do you have any favorite local groups from either area?

Before “Kissing Daisies” I was lucky enough to fall in with Con-Template, a Long Island based creative collective. Through them I found my first band and a local community of some fantastic musicians (Zuli, Tk the Architect, Eithermore, It Came From Space). What I do think is missing, at least in Nassau County where I’m from, are venues that will host and promote artists doing original material. I think in Brooklyn in particular there’s such an array of great venues and a scene eager to support new and upcoming musicians. And of course there’s so much talent; I’m thoroughly excited to be playing with B. Miles and Pom Pom squad at Elsewhere.

What’s next for you after the album release?

It’s funny how long it took me to write and finish “Indelicate” and now I feel like I have so much lined up that I’m anxious to get going. The next EP, revamping some old stuff, getting out on tour. All things that I’m so excited for, though I am going to try to savor this time and the release for a second.

Interview by Claire Gilb

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