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Milo Greene’s Adult Contemporary

los angeles based indie-pop trio Milo Greene rose to prominence following the release of their debut self-titled record in 2012, a project which featured the folk-flavored hit “1957.” the group is known for their vocal harmonies which make use of intimate and nostalgic lyricism. their latest album ‘adult contemporary’ balances the old with the new, mixing their knack for sentimentality with dance-based rhythms.

ahead of their show at elsewhere on 10/11, the band took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Congrats on kicking off tour! How has the road been treating you?

Thank you. After taking a three year break from touring it’s amazing people are making plans to spend the night with us. Unreal : )

Milo Greene’s sound has surely evolved since the release of your self-titled debut. The ‘Milo Greene’ record, for me, is so contemplative and nostalgic whereas the new record—‘Adult Contemporary’—feels so optimistic and robust, especially the song “Worth the Wait.” Is there anything in specific that prompted this shift or was it a more gradual change?

We’ve always approached songwriting with one general rule… write a good song. Over the years our instincts have changed, which allows us to pull from different parts of our lives. When the three of us get together we throw everything at the wall and whatever sticks we run with.

How would you define the term ‘Adult Contemporary’?

Riding the line…

You’ve cited major historical legends Rod Stewart, Fleetwood Mac, Whitney Houston and Traveling Wilburys as artists that have informed your general vibe as a group. Are there any current artists or collaborators that helped shape this record?

Bill Reynolds and some local musicians in Nashville. We made the record at Bilare studio and would recruit his buddies to help fill out textures. Amazing players.

How did the process of creating this record differ from previous records?

We had a riot making this record. There was a real synergy amongst the three of us which is difficult when everyone wants to be heard.

Interview by Claire Gilb

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