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Rising pop singer Maria Lynn was born and raised in New Jersey and began her music career at the age of thirteen. With her music, Lynn shifts between delicate ballads and edm-flavored dance-pop with ease and often within the course of the same song.

The New Jersey pop-songstress makes her debut headlining performance 3/27 in Zone One at Elsewhere

You’ve been a singer for most of your life. Which artists would you say had the biggest influence on you growing up?

Growing up I’ve always listened to a variety of artists, so it’s hard for me to pin point a certain artist. Experimenting with all genres has helped me find myself and my sound. I’ve always been focused on who I am and what message I want to put out into the world through my music.

What are the differences in how you approach making your uptempo electronic music versus your acoustic renditions?

When I’m making my uptempo/electronic music, it’s all about the music and the sounds that are put into the song. The music is what brings the energy and brings your mind and body to life. Experimenting with different production is my absolute favorite part

When I’m making my acoustic stripped down music it’s all about emotion. It’s about the voice and what you feel through the lyrics. Having the perfect stripped down guitar or piano is something that really helps bring the lyrics to life. It’s very raw and real, and that’s what my focus is when I’m making that particular style.

What is your favorite part about the songwriting and production process?

Finding the right melody and sounds is definitely my favorite part of making music. Most of my music started in a much different place than what you hear. Experimenting with the music and my voice is so fun and I learn so much while creating every song. They’re all so different and start from such a simple concept that grows into something very special. Finding the perfect production and melody that makes me body and soul feel whole is the most rewarding feeling!

What have you learned about the songwriting process since the release of your first EP ‘All or Nothing’ back in 2017?

I have learned SO much since releasing my first project, I have gotten more hands on, on all of my music and I’ve been finding myself and what fits right with who I am. Playing around with all the different melodies, instruments, and chord progressions has been such a fulfilling journey. I’ve learned that putting my entire heart into my music is the key to a successful record.

What have you been working on in 2019 and what plans do you have for your music?

I’ve been working on so much music that have a complete different sound, and approach. I’ve been taking all of my life experiences and putting them into my music. I’ve gained so much more control and confidence within myself. All of the music I’ve been working on this year is much more stripped down and really reflects who I am.

Interview by Pablo Manuel Narea

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