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Lord RAJA’s Caffeinated Mobile Music

Tonight at Sunnyvale we celebrate the release of Ghostly producer Lord RAJA’s newest record! Just in time, he took a moment to answer a few questions about the record, his unique background and influences, and the music he’d like to make in the future.

Your music synthesizes sounds from an expansive repertoire from samples of your parents old Indian records to synths. Are there any unusual samples we can look forward to on the album?

On the Amadeus EP you might hear some samples from old anime, spray cans, preachers shouting, sports matches, etc.

You have been influenced by a number of genres, from classic hip hop to Aphex Twin-brand electronic music. What genre influenced your new album most and why?

I was mostly influenced by my childlike self. I just wanted to keep it simple and not too computer detailed.

How would you describe the new album, and what direction do you see your music going in?

I would say it’s caffeinated mobile music made from a basement. I might do another tape of outtakes from the Amadeus EP & that would be the nail in the coffin so to say for my techno expression. I’ve moved apartments & I have windows and sunlight now. So I’ve been exercising some brighter songwriting.. kind of pop influenced I’d say. I really love pop music and that seems to be one of the avenues I haven’t yet explored head on.



Since you have been a fan of hip-hop from an early age, who do you think will be the next major hip-hop icon?

That’s tough to say. Icon is a big word. I’m really enjoying Uzi & Carti. I wish I knew more Indian people in the hip hop world.

As a DJ you curate an atmosphere for shows and parties – what kind of atmosphere do you strive to create in your shows?

I like a well lit, unusual atmosphere. Personally, I don’t really like seeing midi pads and stuff at live shows. I like to limit myself to just a standard DJ Mixer and see how imaginative and spontaneous I can be. I let my hands talk.

What is one instrument you have always wanted to sample but never found a place for?

I love cellos, vibraphones, mellotrons & timpani.

What was the best show you have ever played and why?

Probably Low End Theory because it’s Low End Theory. I was outside and there was a rather large crowd of people showing love. Felt amazing!

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