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Introducing: pronoun, “a million other things”

pronoun’s debut single, “a million other things,” is a straightforward tale written about a relationship in flux. In an interview with All Things Go, pronoun, aka Alyse Vellturo, comments on what led to her writing the track:

I was waiting for my girlfriend of three years to return from a trip during which we decided to take a break. She was coming home in a couple days and I had no idea what was going to happen. “a million other things” came out over the course of three cigarettes, two 25oz PBRs, a drum loop, layered vocals/guitars, and way excessive confusion.

Even without listening to the longing, loving, hopeful lyrics about lost memories and inevitable exits (come home / even tho it might hurt / cus there’s a million other things we could do in the world), one is transported to a sonic place and time familiar to anyone experienced in the world of relationship repair: cozily engineered vocals, which, despite their intimacy, express a profound loneliness; optimistic guitars, which seem, like Vellturo herself, unaware of the unlikely nature of a reunion; and pounding drums which persist despite separation from a loved one.

It’s not all sad, though; while Vellturo and her loved one didn’t reunite, she “got a song that is now my debut single so worse things have happened”.

Listen to her debut track below in anticipation of her forthcoming EP, out later this Fall:



– Ben Ritz

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