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Interview: The Big Pink

British electro-rock duo The Big Pink has grown into a quartet since the release of the band’s second album, Future This, in 2013. Founding member Milo Cordell left the band shortly after the album’s release to grant greater focus to his New York-based record label Merok (Crystal Castles, Titus Andronicus, more), leaving remaining founder Robbie Furze with the band’s future in his hands. He has since added musicians Jesse Russell, Free Hallas, and Mary Charteris to the line-up. The band remains The Big Pink, but with four members and a sound that doesn’t pick up from where Cordell left off, but taps into the creativities of all the new contributing talent to create something reminiscent of what we know The Big Pink to be, but different all the same.

The band will release the highly-anticipated Empire Underground EP on March 4, with a full-length album release set for sometime later in 2016. Their single “Hightimes,” the new line-up’s sole release as of yet, has created massive amounts of hype. Their performance at (le) Poisson Rouge on February 27 will be one of their first in the US since the line-up change – Robbie Furze was kind enough to answer a few questions about what is to come (his words brimming with palpable enthusiasm):

How has the band changed with a new line-up? I imagine with different members come different tastes/influences – How do you think this has impacted your sound?

The new band is amazing. I’m so lucky over the life of The Big Pink so far, to have played with so many great musicians. Jesse and Free Hallas are the best. The most technically brilliant players I’ve ever worked with. The Big Pink “revolving door” was not always so pro. We used to pick up players at parties the night before the shows, back on the first record. Live, the songs always feel harder, always have. I guess live drums and live bass make a difference.

What goals did you have while writing both the new EP and album, either for yourself or for your fans? How do you feel the new EP and the new album differ from previous work?

The new material is the most cohesive and fully formed music The Big Pink has ever made. I am so proud about the up and coming releases.



I’ve read that Andrew Wyatt (Miike Snow) and Robert Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club) have contributed to the new record – how do you think it benefitted from their involvement?

I was so lucky to have them contribute to the record. Both Andrew and Robert are in bands that I love, and are unbelievably talented.

It’s been about three years since your last NYC play – how will the show differ this time around?

It’s going to be harder, more well rounded, sonically. The new material live is so exciting.

– Carolyn Hanson + Mandy Brownholtz

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