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Interview: Hoop Dreams

Hoop Dreams started gaining some attention in late spring when the sextet released its debut 7″ with Captured Tracks, so by the time CMJ had rolled around they scored a number of really great showcases.

Back in September, the young project played label mates Widowspeak’s album release party, which was the first time I caught them live. With only a couple of singles out and about, sometimes I get nervous for young bands like that when jump into the heavy concert rotation circut, but Hoop Dreams sounds incredibly tight live so I can rest assured.

Based out of Blackburn, VA, Hoop Dreams was introduced to Captured Tracks through hometown buddies Wild Nothing. I mean, they also sound like the label’s quintessential band anyway–post-punk-y vocals and synth/surf backing, sounds about like the right fit.

With their return to Glasslands approaching, this time playing alongside Cloud Nothings, I exchanged a few questions with guitarist/bassist Tommy David, and it really sounds like the project is moving forward. We’re excited to see them again too, I mean any young band that can really fill out a set with six members on stage, including a violinist, is fine by me.

You guys just wrapped up a pretty heavy CMJ schedule–for your set-up what was the biggest challenge to keep your set consistent from venue to venue?

During CMJ drums were the only issue; we were hoping there would be drum backlines at the venues and later realized that most places didn’t have full sets. Otherwise, everything fell into place in terms of how we usually play live shows.

You have like the highest ratio of ‘sports’ references I’ve ever heard in an indie band, where’s that coming from?

Who doesn’t want to be like Mike?

So you’ve already got the 7″ out with Captured Tracks, are you going to ease into the next release with an EP or are you going all out with a full LP?

We are working on the LP for early next year but an EP has sort of materialized in the process, so that may precede the LP. Also, there will likely be a new single floating around in the very near future! Keep yall posted…

As a six-piece I’m sure a lot of collaboration goes into molding a song with that many players, but do you have a principle songwriter at this point or do multiple members contribute to the sort of core of your songwriting?

A lot of trading off goes around between different members. I think democracy is key to keep things fresh. Usually we begin with a set of riffs we like, then form a structure with those that works to our taste. Each person finds their own space as the process goes along…No coup d’état is in the works!

With your label based in Brooklyn, CMJ, and again an upcoming show with us here have you been spending a lot of time going back and forth between Virginia and NY? Do you have a lot of opportunity to play around where you’re based?

We’ve been playing in Blacksburg and NYC a lot, but not many other places. We have opportunities but it doesn’t make much sense to travel a lot without having a full album out. Soon, world : )

Thanks Tommy!

Don’t miss Hoop Dreams at Glasslands on Saturday, November 12th with Cloud Nothings // Plates of Cake // Your Youth

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