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Interview: Fucked Up

Canadian punk outfit Fucked Up has been redefining their sound since their start in 2001. Known in their genre for their unusually long songs and quirky stage names, they’ve never been a group to conform to musical expectations. They’ve continued this trajectory with their prolific Zodiac Series; the seventh installment, Year of the Hare, just dropped. To mark the occasion, Fucked Up has hit the road with DOOMSQUAD to perform solely tracks from the Zodiac Series. They’ll play a different set each night, featuring many tracks that have never been performed live. We feel so lucky to be included in the fold that WE are marking the occasion with an interview with guitarist/founding member Mike Haliechuk (aka 10,000 Marbles).

How would you describe the band now versus the band you were when you first played?

When we first started, we were basically a tribute band for a few different things – Dangerhouse Records, bands like The Dils and The Weirdos, and NY stuff like The Abused and Antidote and the first AF stuff. Now we sound slightly different, but just longer mostly.

What was your introduction to punk music?

Stuff like Green Day and RATM that was on the radio in the early 90’s. Then skatepunk, Fat Wreck stuff, etc.



I’ve read in your bio that Glass Boys was about Fucked Up’s struggle between keeping a youth-punk band image while also maintaining a career and family life at the same time. When and how did you approach this idea of expressing your feelings on the LP? Do you think this album got across to your listeners?

It’s just how we all felt around the time writing. It wasn’t so much as a stress/struggle thing but more of just a tribute to younger people who are into music who are at the bedrock of what we all do. We haven’t been noticing more 12 year olds at the shows though so maybe it isn’t getting through.

What other types of music and artists are you into, and how do they influence your sound?

I mostly listen to dance music and stuff like that… I think that’s why we have such long songs because I don’t feel weird about having parts repeat for minutes on end, and I think our arrangements have become a lot looser because I like just getting a part sounding good and then just riding on it for a while. Josh likes ska.

What is the story behind the stage names?

They’re all out there.

What’s next for you guys?

Year of the Hare, Year of the Snake, etc.

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