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Interview: DJ Bone

One of Detroit’s most creative and awe-inspiring DJs, DJ Bone makes his way to Elsewhere for a night of turntablist exceptionalism. With roots stemming from Detroit Techno and soul, DJ Bone often uses three or more decks to ignite the dance floor his extended blends, innovative cutting techniques, and unparalleled ability to breathe life into old classics.

DJ Bone will play with Germany’s Sleeparchive and Brooklyn’s Lydo 12/28 at Elsewhere for a night of no-nonsense techno.

You recently released ‘Beyond,’ the second installment in a trilogy of LP’s. What was the creative force behind this one?

All three albums have tracks that were sourced from some 50+ songs I had finished. Originally, I wanted to narrow them down to release one album but couldn’t get any lower than 37 tracks I loved. So I kept most of them and created some special tracks inspired by personal experiences to go along side them. All three albums are a very personal reflection of who I am.

Is there a common theme running through all three of these LP’s?

Just the theme of me interpreting some of my experiences, trials n tribulations and feelings in music form. Each album evolves to reveal the next phase of my productions.

You’re known for your creativity; how do you constantly push yourself to progress and upgrade your production/dj sets?

I constantly challenge myself to be different but also always remaining true to who I am and what I believe. I try out new techniques for producing and create my own proprietary, original sample banks that I use.
As for DJing, I try to continue to push the envelope. Mixing two songs is where you start as a DJ.
I don’t want to be stagnant, I want to always progress and create new techniques and soundscapes while DJing live. I refuse to become lazy and start relying on technology and over the top antics to please crowds. It should be about the music, not optics and antics.

What made you want to create your own label and has there been any challenges remaining an independent label?

I wasn’t hearing the type of songs that I felt I needed for my sets so I decided to teach myself how to create my own. Then Subject Detroit was born.
The challenges seemed insurmountable at first. There were distributors that wouldn’t pay, crooked booking agents, reviewers and mags that won’t review your releases unless you pay them and much more. But I decided to stick to my guns and do things the way I felt best suited me and my label. This helped me create an atmosphere where I never had to compromise unless I wanted to. I was also very lucky to have help from my wife and daughter. They filled orders, did accounting and so many other important things.
Choosing this route made it very tough, but once the dust settled I saw that it was all well worth it.

Anything new and exciting lined up for you and Subject Detroit for 2019?

YES, plenty!
First thing, I have the third album which will complete the trilogy along with “A Piece of Beyond” and “Beyond”. Afterwards I will be releasing a series of 12” EPs called “The Cheat Codes”.
I have several ideas and concepts that I’ll be implementing in 2019. This includes releases, events, exhibits and more. It will be a busy year packed full of new, adventurous things so I’m very excited.

Interview by Kelsey Boyd

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