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Interview: Bermuda Bonnie

Bermuda Bonnie is the neon tinged moniker of Brooklyn via Philly based artist Rebecca Huston. Her music has all the fixings of keyboard spiked indie pop, pumped up and infused with a fascinating pension for storytelling and atmosphere–actually she describes it best on her Facebook page, “Beaches, Synths and whispering about ghosts at Girl Scout camp”. Even better, most of her discography is available over at her Bandcamp so definitely give it a listen!

Was relocating to NYC a difficult decision for you? Was there a certain moment or event that pushed you to make the jump?

Hahaha, there is a really long story I could tell here involving a car with three flat tires and no gas,  a neighbor that liked to walk in on our band practices without pants on clapping and the mysterious death of a cat on Halloween but it probably would only be entertaining for me so….yes, it was difficult to move!

I was co-owner of a pretty nice vintage studio in Philly and I was in a band there that I didn’t want to leave called An American Chinese.  But my sister was new to NYC so I was coming up to visitor her here a bunch.  Then I fell in love and convinced myself that I needed to switch it up!

Bermuda Bonnie seems to encompass more than just the music but is more of a sort of alter ego with a whole cast of characters and images and background stories. Do you go autobiographical with that or are you more into imagining those story lines?

There is so much truth to it all! I mean, some of the characters are a blend of different people but there is almost nothing in the lyrics that didn’t happen to me. I took it even further when I used a photo of the people I am singing about for the cover to the song Evil….kind of twisted I guess but who cares!

It’s fun to come up with the names. A sort of new one is Reta Feather. She is a blend of people but mainly in the song, Say Something, Reta is my best friend in New York, Pamela Martinez from Teletextile. All the lyrics to the new album are here: http://bermudabonnie.tumblr.com/lyrics

Since your debut a couple of years ago your music has a little more production breadth to it.  Have you acquired new instruments or production assistance etc?

I wish! I probably have just gotten better at it. Recording/mixing that is.  

You’ve got a very distinct vocal style, when did you develop that voice?

Well, I don’t know.I remember decidedly wanting to sing a low-ish tone and sometimes down tuning my guitar. I also tend to record vocals very quietly. So that if you were in the next room you might not even hear me singing. This produces a sort of whispering feel and…I was shy. Also, don’t know if it comes through but I love Eleanor Friedberger sooooo much.

What are some of your aesthetic influences for the project? The visuals and music work so well together, its like spooky and kitschy at the same time.

I love that you think it’s spooky! I want to bring that up more in the music video I am working on for Evil. I do try to be influenced by An American Chinese in that way. Mitch has great mysterious vibes.

Thanks Rebecca!

Bermuda Bonnie is playing Glasslands on Wednesday, December 14th with the NYC debut of Trippple Nipples // Knife City // AIMES

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