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Interview: B Boys

New Captured Tracks signees B Boys are among 2016’s buzziest Brooklyn bands. Their label describes them as “three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity,” which seems fitting when you consider the urgency of their already released tracks, “Seagulls” and “Get A Grip.” They play fast, frantic punk that harkens back to the sharp, angular sound of post-punk bands of the late 70s, like Wire or Gang of Four. Their debut EP No Worry No Mind drops on Friday, and they’ll celebrate its release by playing with Yung at Shea Stadium on March 25.


Brooklyn Vegan, NME, FADER, Stereogum, Noisey – what was it like to see your new single “Get a Grip” on all these major sites?

I think we would all agree that we felt very excited and grateful to see the fruits of our labor reach parts of the world that maybe wouldn’t have been possible to do on our own. It was warming to see the love and support we received from friends, family, and strangers alike.


How long have you been a band? What has the journey from starting the band to signing with Captured Tracks been like?

We initially started playing music together sometime during the summer of 2014. Our first show was that September. At some point, one of our friends mentioned our name to Mike & the Captured crew, and they were able to hear a version of “Other Head” that we recorded in our practice space. They got in touch with us and said they were interested to hear what we had planned for the future, and somewhere along the way we decided to work together. They’re all incredibly kind, wonderful people who release great music, we have a lot of respect for them and feel humbled to be a part of their roster. We recorded “No Worry No Mind” in May 2015 and have been spread apart across different states & countries for most of the months following, only playing five or so shows since we completed the sessions.


How would you classify B Boys? Like if you were to write a “for fans of” description for the band, what artists would you include?

B Boys is a punk band, sometimes B Boys sounds like a post-punk band or a pop band but you can classify it to yourself however you want. For fans of bands that might not answer that question.



What was the process of writing the new EP like? Did you write and record in Brooklyn?

The EP is basically a collection of the first songs that we started writing together— we played a good handful of them at our first show. It was a pretty fluid process overall. We wrote everything between two practice spaces in Bushwick. The music was tracked live at Let Em In studios in Gowanus and then we did all the vocals at our engineer Luke Moellman’s apartment.


I imagine after you release the EP you’ll start exploring the idea of a full length record – if you could have anyone help you produce it, who would it be?

As of now, we have over 20 songs that we’re working on for our next batch of releases. If we could have anyone? Brian Eno, George Martin, Don Zientara, the RZA.


– Mandy Brownholtz

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