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Don’t Make Her Blush

Blush is Maura Lynch (of Darlings), backed by her friends Jonathan Campolo (Pill), Nick Campolo, and Andrew Chugg. With her highly acclaimed s/t, debut album out now via Arrowhawk Records, we had a brief chat with Maura ahead of her 2/11 show @ zone one at Elsewhere featuring Deidre & The Dark’s Sadie Hawkins Dance + Little Anchor.

Your debut record, Blush, has a 60s psych-rock feel with a modern indie twist to it. Are there any specific records you were listening to during the process of writing/producing the record that had major influence on the final product?

I wrote the songs that appear on this album of the course of many years, so it was a whole mix of things. I probably came back to Broadcast, Arthur Russell, Jay Reatard, Fleetwood Mac, Deerhunter, and mixes by my friend Greg the most. When it came to the recording and mixing, though, I made a specific playlist for Andy [Chugg, the album’s producer and Blush’s bass player] of songs with production I really liked — songs like Electrelane’s “Enter Laughing” and Stereolab’s “Super Falling Star.”

What was the inspiration for the Mariah Carey cover, “Fantasy,” on the record?

I never set out to record a Mariah Carey cover — I wouldn’t dare! I was playing around with some chords one day and realized the progression sounded like a sad version of “Fantasy.” I recorded a quick demo that was a bit muffled and Grouper-y sounding, and I kept coming back to it. I went back and forth on including it in the final album, but the final version felt different enough from the original that I decided to keep it.

What’re some of your favorite tour bus songs?

We haven’t gone on a tour yet, but I have a feeling that when we do, we’ll listen to a lot of Sheryl Crow.

Can you pick a song that describes your feelings about life in Brooklyn?

I’ve lived here for almost fifteen years, so that’s a tall order. What is a song that sounds like home? Lately I’ve been listening to this song “Water Memory 1” by Emily A. Sprague on repeat. Right now, that’s a song that sounds like home to me.

Do you have any favorite singing in the shower tunes?

I’m not really a shower singer! I listen to The Daily every morning in the shower.

Interview by Tom Criblez

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