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Bondax Bare their Seoul

Bondax are an electronic duo made up of long-time friends Adam Kaye and George Townsend of Lancaster, England. Their highly anticipated debut album has been nearly three years in the making and excellent new single “Neo Seoul” has only heightened the sense of anticipation for the duo’s first full-length.

We sat down with Bondax to talk about their upcoming album and how their travels influenced its sound. Be sure to catch them with LOYAL (DJ Set) @ Zone One at Elsewhere Wednesday March 21st!

We are excited to hear that your debut album is coming soon, could you share some details on what we can expect?

The album is an eclectic mix of tracks produced & written with our friends from across the world. Inspired by our journeying round the world that we’ve been so lucky to have experienced. We produced the final pieces from our home back in the lake district (northern England). The album was completed with an orchestra we recorded in Macedonia so the record for us is really a celebration of the many different people & places that helped us to create this music. The tracks are structured chronologically as if you’re travelling through a day with ourselves & the pieces sonics, lyrics & ambient sounds reflect those ideas.

You just dropped a new track called ‘Neo Seoul’ is there anything particular about the city that influenced you?

Seoul has always been a very warm hearted place for us & our many friends there always make us feel as if it’s our home within the east. The city is so far from what we were brought up knowing it’s a beautiful contrast to the rolling hills of our homeland.

You have mentioned in previous interviews that ‘Neo Seoul’ is a track that contrasts with the rest of the album, in what way is it different?

As mentioned above the album is centered around collaboration & the central conceptual idea. The track ‘Neo Seoul’ stands alone as a piece that only involves ourselves & is purely made to dance to.

Were travels a significant part of your creative process?

Yes 🙂 ^

You have recently launched a podcast Bondax Presents: Recur on MCR live, was there any new talent that particularly caught your attention while working on the show?

Yes of course there’s always new acts that are exciting us, a few of our favourite acts coming through are:

Jamie Isaac
Puma Blue
Barny Fletcher

Interview by Zuzanna Nowak

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