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Los Campesinos!

Adult Mom

Tue 11.13.2018

Los Campesinos!

Adult Mom

Wed 11.14.2018

New Rose (Record Release!) + The Letter Yellow (Record Release!)

Teen Body

Wed 11.14.2018

Thurston Moore

Ka Baird, Byron Coley

Thu 11.15.2018

Gabby's World

Lexie, Emily Yacina

Thu 11.15.2018

Del Water Gap (Single Release!)

Samia, The Misters

Fri 11.16.2018

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Band to Watch: Chemtrails

The first traces of the London psych-rock band Chemtrails appeared online less than a week ago, on January 20, 2016. Their Soundcloud account has, at time of writing, amassed only 2 followers, and a Facebook page for the band is yet to be created. So how their track, “Will of the Beast,” wormed its way into the ears of Elvis Depressedly frontman Mat Cothran is a mystery. Regardless, he was impressed enough to tweet about it to his near 13 thousand followers, lauding it for its “inventive little melodies” and “cool production.” And he’s right. Because unlike the internet debuts of most bands, the song comes off as practiced and polished, as well thought out as (or possibly more thought out than) any release a significantly more active band could have made.



The lyrics present a psychedelic dream of forests, fortune tellers, and mystical beasts that fuses with the winding lo-fi instrumental track to produce a sense of being somewhere else: somewhere mystical, somehow deeply rooted in this world but at the same time not constrained to the reality we are presented with every day. And it is through their ability to create this mind-bending experience it becomes clear that although this may be the literal first we hear of Chemtrails, it will definitely not be the last.

Carolyn Hanson

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