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Shawn O’Sullivan’s (Guilty) Pleasures + 400ppm [Album Release]

400 ppm, aka Shawn O’Sullivan, is a New York based versatile electronic artist whose music encapsulates several electronic sub genres from Industrial and Noise to New Wave. O’Sullivan began DJing in 1997 in Iowa mostly focusing on gabber and hard acid. Since his start as a DJ, he’s released music under several aliases including Vapauteen, ShawNoEq and 400ppm, and he has also been an instrumentalist in the band Led Er Est. O’Sullivan has been an influential artist in the techno world through all of his aliases.

This week Shawn’s taking us through a tour of his influences.

Catch him this Friday with SmartBar’s Olin and Auspex at Sunnyvale!

You have several stylistically different aliases, such as 400PPM, which focuses on more drone sounds, and Vapauteen, which is more raucous and clanging. If you had another alias what would it sound like?

Like Acardipane meets Vainio. Or maybe just Fifth Era-esque doomcore.

What is your guilty pleasure song?

I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, really – my love for Tony Carrasco is the same as my love for Regis. But I’ve been very into Paul Young’s “Love of the Common People” lately, which has that lush 80s AOR thing going on, with a touch of ‘Graceland’. I FEEL NO SHAME!

If you could add any other gear to your live setup what would it be?

I should probably be purging gear from my live set-up to be honest. I’d love an 808 – I’ve never owned one. But really, I’d just buy tons of Serge stuff if I could afford it.

What is the most underrated track of 2017?

Roe Enney LP is album of the year.

What is a music video that encapsulates your teenage years?

Close enough

Interview by Giovanni Roca

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