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Super Whatevr get Better.

california’s skyler mckeee makes evocative, anthemic indie-pop as super whatevr. recently, the project returned with two new singles in “better.” and “i wanna be cool.,” marking a bold step forward for the project with grander production and bigger choruses than ever before. super whatever headlines zone one at elsewhere on 11/14. ahead of the show, mckee took the time to answer a few of our questions.

Where do you draw your inspiration from? Is it different for each band member?

i used to only create when i was struggling with putting words to how i was feeling. writing was fairly involuntary and i’d read back how my subconscious was feeling.

Originally, Super Whatevr was an outlet for lead vocalist and guitarist Skyler McKee’s poetry. Has the songwriting process changed?

nothing has really changed, i just do it more intentionally now to meter and rhythm.

Both of your recent releases “better.” and “I wanna be cool.” feel like the beginning of a different era for Super Whatevr. What sparked this shift in sound?

i wanted to write music that i was inspired by. i used to be into artists like manchester orchestra and cage the elephant, now i listen to artists like frank ocean and lauv. it felt natural to shift the sound.

With the release of “better.,” you included a community number where fans could call and continue to call to communicate with the band. What was your hope in doing this?

i’ve always wanted everyone to feel welcomed and seen, it was our way not only to keep people updated on all things supwut, but also to respond to people who were genuinely struggling and needing someone to talk to.

A lot of your music touches upon the dark places we can go but the hope that is amidst the struggle. Are there any other artists that have influenced this healing voice?

he chariot and 1994!. they were both big influences on just how eloquent and vulnerable you’re allowed to be with your lyrics. they’ve honestly been the biggest bands to shape my artistry with supwut.

Interview by Toran Spence

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