Parenthetical Girls

PopGun Presents

Parenthetical Girls

Norwegian Arms, This is Head

Mar 25

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Parenthetical Girls
Parenthetical Girls
Unconventional is probably the most succinct way of putting it. Obsessive, eccentric, indulgent: they’re all equally fair. If Parenthetical Girls have learned anything over the course of their bewilderingly unorthodox discography, it’s that they are—for richer or for poorer—a necessarily singular pop group. It’s a peculiarity that they’ve learned to embrace—a single-minded conviction that pours itself over every corner of their latest album, Privilege*.

Having taken pop extravagance to its logical conclusion with their critically acclaimed, orchestral pop opus Entanglements, Privilege* finds a newly emboldened Parenthetical Girls giving the orchestra their leave—a brazen reinvention as immediate as it is inspired. Returning to its core membership of vocalist/creative director
Zac Pennington and producer/arranger Jherek Bischoff (composer and collaborator with David Byrne, Amanda Palmer, Xiu Xiu, etc.), Privilege* retains the group’s signature ambitions—visceral intimacy, camp austerity, lurid eloquence—while confidently embracing the perfect pop pastiche their previous records only alluded to. Anchored by Pennington’s distinctively lilting vibrato, Privilege* is a cascade of grim particulars and gallows humor—an unflinching treatise on privilege, indiscretion, betrayal, sex and class politics, failure, and resignation. This is Parenthetical Girls in fighting trim: unbridled, unambiguous, and with a new creative candor that’s felt in both its words and music.

Originally recorded and self-released as a sequence of five self-contained, extremely limited 12” EPs (each heroically hand-numbered in the blood of the group’s members, and available only through direct mailorder) the ambitious Privilege series was a grand and unequivocally impractical achievement. Privilege* condenses the 21 recordings of the original series to a single, 12-track, remixed and remastered statement of purpose: a bold, strikingly cohesive pop clarion call that further solidifies Parenthetical Girls’ place amongst the most surprising and uncompromising pop groups at work today.


“With Privilege, Parenthetical Girls have forged what is arguably one of the most astonishing works of pop songwriting in this or any other year—a record that rubs shoulders with the upper echelons of pop music’s storied history, and very probably the angels themselves. Arguably.”—Britt Daniel, Spoon

“Music is pointless. Life is meaningless. Death is rushing towards us constantly. Everything is falling apart. Still, Privilege by Parenthetical Girls has emerged from the chaotic void and taken the form of a raft.”
—Phil Elverum, Mount Eerie

“Privilege is riveting… [like] a dream of walking on a foot-long fluffy cashmere carpet, or flying thru the monster size, ice cream-shaped cloud.”
—Satomi Matsuzaki, Deerhoof

“We never meant you any harm.”—Parenthetical Girls
Norwegian Arms
Norwegian Arms
Three years, two EPs and one album since the Siberian sojourn that defined the songs on their first album "Wolf Like a Stray Dog", Norwegian Arms has shifted focus away from the confines of his tiny apartment in the Taiga. In the time since returning to his native Philadelphia, He has found new beauty in the wreckage that surrounds him in post-industrial Kensington. Dilapidated buildings, shifting friendships, and late night bicycle rides inform this new batch of songs. Still deeply influenced by his continued travels, these new songs draw from trips to South America and Europe, and the sense of Wanderlust remains.
This is Head
From the first time This Is Head started playing different venues and spots around their hometown of Malmö they have assumed a natural place in the centre of all things great. Their take on kraut disco meets smart indie rock fit in perfectly from the start. Since then, they have evolved into something much greater; a confident machine that seems made for the times we live in. Yet they sound timeless. The growth seems to have been rapid, but it was all at their own pace, in their own time.

0001 sounds as much like the wet streets around Möllevången square in Malmö as they do any spacious warehouse in Brooklyn or deserted parking garage in a remote part of Düsseldorf. Their curiosity has placed them anywhere and nowhere. They are as eager to consume new and old things as any blog, club or DJ out there. They have grown without any blinders on, while at the same time honing their sound in their own studio, within their own universe. They have built their songs and their confidence in themselves without feeling any pressure. They never thought of a song with the idea of sounding like Yeasayer joining up with the drummer from Neu! in an effort to play unreleased songs by U2 just so they could be mixed by Dan Lissvik from Studio and then be released by Touch & Go. That just happened.

This Is Head never had a plan, and the goal has only been to become as good as they can get. They have had time to listen to themselves, communicate and let the organic process lead them to produce songs that are fit to resonate through the music world which they belong. Songs that are as brilliant as they are.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249