Vandana Jain

PopGun Presents

Vandana Jain

Plastic Flowers, Faith & Mark, Beca

Jan 15

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

Vandana Jain
Vandana Jain
Last year Vandana Jain, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer turned experimental pop performer, quietly released her debut EP Vandamner complete with her own intricate album art, handmade record sleeve and limited pressing all sealed with a touch of red wax and twine. It is that same attention to intimate detail that infects her music as well, lending both to its beauty and to its raw, slightly uncomfortable quality.

Raised in India and educated in London, Vandana has collected an eclectic tapestry of both musical and aesthetic influences over the years, all of which find a place in the music. Everything from Portishead to Pink Floyd, Bollywood music via India and the rave scene in London lend to her unique layered style of glitchy beats, electronic swells and heavy synth melodies that lay beneath Jain's emotive front and center vocal play.

Jain performs as a duo with Yusuke Yamamoto. Her band is associated with the indie underground and DIY community in NYC playing electro-synth-post-punk-pop music.

Vandana's debut full length ANTI VENUS is launching on the 29th of October.

"Through the metaphysical resonance, it’s almost as if your brain is transported into a musical k-hole, but you won’t mind it at all." Logan Brendt, LadyGunn
Plastic Flowers
Faith & Mark
faith & mark is an experimental, darkwave band based in Brooklyn, New York, comprising members: singer/songwriter Faith Wiens and musician/producer Mark Posillico. Fans of The Rapture, The Knife, Peaches, Public Image Limited, Blondie, and even DeadMau5 should be advised to check out this unusual, musical duo.
In a December 2012 interview, Faith jokingly referred to her music with Mark as “death disco,” a phrase that Mark immediately identified as a Public Image Limited song. Copyright issues notwithstanding, the phrase exemplifies the band’s ironic sense of humor.
Certainly, a dark set of jokes emerges from dissonance between the band’s aurality, which features synthesizers, catchy melodies, and dance beats, the lyrical subject matter, which explores revenge, addiction, and even homelessness, and their live performance, which tends toward the active, colorful, and sexy.
In fact, faith & mark’s performance, with the psychedelic light show, Hindu videography and smoke, seems incredibly apropo in an speedy, facebook-driven world that casually and hysterically discusses “the end of the world.”
Faith is a passionate singer and dynamic performer, and her performance infallibly ignites a few drinking hearts and sends chills up the spine. This performance promises a punch, and Faith’s simple, strong vocal chops (as well as her outfits and dance moves) never disappoint. Mark’s mature guitar work is original, addictive, and satisfying. On stage, Mark uses an array of pedals that instantly attract the gearhead’s eyes.
Listeners and attendees of faith & mark shows are often hard pressed to define the band’s musical genre, which is undoubtedly a good thing in Brooklyn: the city of a hundred thousand bands.
In July, 2012, the fruition of Faith and Mark’s chemistry and experiences was described by a show attendee (/music professor /music blogger) as follows,
faith and mark's well-crafted, dark song lyrics are supported by an insistent pulse, dancing angular bass lines resisting an obvious tonal center, modal melodies loaded with surprising twists and minimalistic chord progressions characterized by tri-tonal leaps and a prevalence of open 5ths. A conspicuous absence of 3rds suggests you've come to the wrong place to get comfortable and wallow in apathy.

It speaks to this band’s songwriting success that while the sadder melodies recall the emotional potency we love in Radiohead, the beats, the raucous guitar work, and the yelping female vocals push this band into Prog Rock territory or further, into Riot-grrrl land or further, into unnamed musical terrain. In honor of a tiny band that seems to defy categorization and get the party started, let’s leave faith & mark in that undefined zone.
Pursuing dub and electro-pop influences, faith & mark’s contemporary (see *hot*) new rhythm and bass production sets their new sound in front of the old, and has transformed the duo’s presentation from rock show to dance party. Fans of pop, electronic, industrial, ambient, and experimental dance music, do yourself a favor and catch this band before they grow up any more than they already have.
Landing in London recently with a brand new project under the Beca pseudonym, “Let’s Run Wild” is the New Yorker's debut EP on This Is Music, revealing a fresh, darker, moodier sound that fits Beca like a glove.

Ashley Beedle’s remix of “Let’s Run Wild” takes the original’s smooth sound, and cranks things up a gear, creating a sonically powerful track that promises peak-time dancefloor action and a rattling of soundsystems worldwide. On the B-side, Klic (better known under his alternative alias ‘Medlar’) creates a big and bassy house/garage hybrid using cut up vocals. B-side bonus track “Fall Into Light” shifts the mood back to the dark atmospherics that hold this project together, and describes a powerful tale of desire and forbidden romance, while an electric ride of stripped-back beats takes you on an effortless journey through the music.

Imagine a female Serge Gainsbourg produced by the RZA. “Let’s Run Wild” covers a whole range of sounds and emotions, and reaches out from the depths of the subconscious to grab you by the scruff of the neck and demand repeated listening.
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249