RobertCop (Release Party!)

PopGun Presents

RobertCop (Release Party!)

Poor Remy, Courtesy Tier, Jonathan Hape

Jan 03

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

RobertCop (Release Party!)
RobertCop (Release Party!)
Poor Remy
Poor Remy
Poor Remy as a musical venture erupted out of 3 intimate relationships which were cultivated at Kenyon College in an intellectual environment filled with discussions of Hegel, Ultimate frisbee, french literature, and girls. We lived together, played together, made out with some of the same girls, and edited each others papers. We were exploring huge ideas like God and Communism and the meaning of History, and music became a way for us to study ourselves and each other. Poor Remy makes manifest our most passionate obsessions about the world as an offering of ourselves. Like meditation or stream of consciousness writing, music frames our experience in rural Ohio as a self portait. When we offer our voices, our hands and our fingers, we offer our entire selves to the viewer or listener. We offer our struggles, our explorations, our weaknesses and our idiosyncrasies. Our hope is that someone, if only one person, can identify with those struggles and those ideas to gain some insight into their own life, even if that insight is just the joy of listening to us.

lively upbeat folk effort that can
easily lodge itself in your
brain." – Best of Bandcamp

"[This band] is about to inject
so much energy into your bones." –The Muse in Music
Courtesy Tier
Courtesy Tier is always a surprise, sometimes even to themselves. Layton (drums) and Omer (guitar) have been playing together for the last seven years, but they weren’t always a duo. As members came and went, they perpetually conceptualized themselves as a four and sometimes six piece band. Then, during their second winter in New York, the boys had run out of other band members. Regrouping in a closet size practice space under the Smith Street overpass, they finally had enough room to rehearse, and they liked the sound. By the following summer they were ready to record, but a New York budget requires some finagling. With three mic’s in a 7x7 room, “The Resolution” was born.

Courtesy Tier is a two man cadre. Whether invoking the Meat Puppets, Morphine, Ataxia, J Dilla, Don Caballero, or Chris Whitley they synthesize the soul of rock with melodic blues. While a forerunner of the DIY movement in Brooklyn, they aren’t your usual Brooklyn sound. The album name exemplifies their process: go with what you’ve got and you’ll find your way there.
Jonathan Hape
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249