Terrible Records CMJ Party!, LIGHT ASYLUM

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Terrible Records CMJ Party!


LE1F (DJ Set), Kirin J Callinan, Regal Degal, Diamond Terrifier

Oct 16

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


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This event is 21 and over

The debut full-length album by LIGHT ASYLUM has been a long time coming, but not without rabid anticipation. As their self-released In Tension EP circulated and resonated with new leagues of listeners worldwide, the reputation of duo Shannon Funchess and Bruno Coviello sweltered via their intense live show, collaborations, and remixes. LIGHT ASYLUM marks Funchessʼ and Covielloʼs return to the recorded fray with renewed intent, emotion and visceral energy, all to powerful effect.
Described as ʻable to hypnotize and hold an audience in a state of bondageʼ, Funchess has sealed a reverent status through her vocal breadth and captivating expression. Having shared recordings with the likes of Teengirl Fantasy, Telepathe, TV On The Radio, !!!, and Ford & Lopatin, the multi- instrumentalistʼs vocal talents stay in steady demand. LIGHT ASYLUM cements Funchessʼ reputation as a singular voice. From the guttural intonations and militaristic drills to the melancholic leading melodies and operatic tenor, Funchessʼ range remains wide but balanced and carefully controlled.

Having spent years touring and performing as synth pop project The Dreamies, Coviello channels a different strand of influence and completes the LIGHT ASYLUM sound alongside Funchess. The result is an uncompromising, rugged mixture of coldwave, EBM and electro-industrial structured through pop of the toughest sensibilities. A LIGHT ASYLUM production straddles underground electronic club music and radio song culture - part introverted, aggressive vehicles, part bright, jubilant fanfares - passages of carefully devised harmony and melody bloom between stabs of driving keyboards and drum machines.

LIGHT ASYLUM is a collection of ten songs that are contemplative and starkly necessary. From the heated synth punk of ʻIPCʼ, ʻPope Will Rollʼ and ʻAt Willʼ to the cinematic modesty of love songs like ʻAngel Tongueʼ, ʻShallow Tearsʼ and ʻA Certain Personʼ; the basement-found emotions of ʻHour Fortressʼ and ʻSins of the Fleshʼ to the melodic dramas of ʻHeart of Dustʼ and ʻEnd of Daysʼ, LIGHT ASYLUM have achieved an exhilarating, genuine and important moment.
LE1F (DJ Set)
LE1F (DJ Set)
In a world full of rappers claiming to be one of a kind, Le1f (born Khalif Diouf) is a real deal original, a fascinatingly complicated personality full of seeming contractions. He’s a Manhattan native who studied ballet and modern dance, and eventually earned a degree in dance from Wesleyan before returning to the city to become a rapper. He’s an out and proud gay MC whose style is rooted in Tunnel bangers from a less socially enlightened era of hip-hop. He’s a producer who’s responsible for the beat behind Das Racist’s “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell”, a fashion icon promoting a “hoodrat Tumblr aesthetic,” and Internet personality on a transcendental quest to become a living digital avatar. “The fabric of my life is a sexy fucking textile,” he brags on “Yup,” from his debut mixtape, Dark York, and obviously that’s no joke.

Le1f has one foot in the glossy Bling Era rap hits that he came to age on and one foot in the downtown electronic scene where he developed as an artist, and Dark York is true to both sides of his heritage. The beats (by Le1f, Nguzunguzu, Matt Shadetek, and what Le1f refers to as “Soundcloud guys and Internet friends”) refuse to settle into easy categories like “rap” or “dance,” and Le1f’s muscular, hyperarticulate flow handily disposes of any misconceptions that he’s anything less than than a legitimate rapper.

Since its release in April on Heems from Das Racist’s Greedhead Music imprint, Dark York-and its addictively giddy, 5kinAndBone5-produced lead single “Wut”-has made Le1f a media darling. The Fader, Spin, Pitchfork, Gawker, and a horde of tastemaking blogs have held him up as an example of the direction hip-hop’s evolving towards. Even more recently the video for “Wut,” which prominently showcases Le1f’s prodigious twerking skills, went viral, which indicates that there might be a much bigger audience for his entire artistic package than even his most ardent fans might have suspected. The cool thing about this story is that since we’ve never heard it before we don’t know how it’s going to end.
Kirin J Callinan
Regal Degal
Brooklyn post-punk trio Regal Degal perform in a kind of wind-tunneling locked-groove, one that gathers steam as it circles into itself. They’re fronted by onetime Dinowalrus drummer Josh da Costa, which maybe has something to do with the percussiveness of each instrument. (And their updated take on an older, dirtier NYC sound is more serious than you’d expect from the Three’s Company Regal Beagle echo of their name.) The band’s official debut, a RVNG-imprinted cassette called Format Worth, is out next week. You should be able to grab one at their 11/5 Death By Audio show with Silkflowers. We’re told to expect “layers of enchanting weirdness” that maybe you didn’t catch on earlier homemade CD-R’s. Get acquainted via two impressive demo tracks, “Pretty Busy” and “As Furry.” Each one includes unexpected twists and an ear for space.
Diamond Terrifier
DIAMOND TERRIFIER is Sam Hillmer of ZS. Diamond Terrifier is Sam’s saxophone and electronics solo incarnation. Named after the english translation of the indo-tibetan god-name Vajrabairahva, Diamond Terrifier is concerned with the potential positive qualities of destruction as mediated by noise/drone sheets of sound music.

Diamond Terrifier’s debut release ‘Himalayan Appalachia’ appeared this past September and is soon to be followed by the follow up tape ‘Shrine Flu’ on Words+Dreams. This coming fall Diamond Terrifier’s first full length effort will be inaugurated on Brooklyn avant killers Northern Spy label. ‘KILL THE SELF THAT WANTS TO KILL YOUR SELF’ is due out September 2012 and will be produced by the formidable rocker Chris Taylor of Grizzly Bear.

In the mean season, Diamond Terrifier will be playing hella shows in and around New York, across North America, and beyond…
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249