Yours presents Pillow Talk/Pillow Fight 3

YoursTruly & PopGun Present

Yours presents Pillow Talk/Pillow Fight 3

Pro Era, Jim-E Stack, MØ, Isaac Delusion, Evy Jane, Night Panther, Ratking

Oct 19

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

Free with RSVP


This event is 21 and over

Jim-E Stack
Jim-E Stack
San Francisco born, New Orleans living, DJ/producer Jim-E Stack is young and doing his thing. Drawing influence anywhere from UK funky to Mexico’s 3ball, and house to pop, he strives to create his own eclectic brand of club music. Born James Stack, Jim-E Stack grew up in San Francisco, eating burritos, drinking 40s, and playing drums in a string of terrible punk bands. A new found interest in club music and the World Wide Web would bring him into a new class of young producers as infatuated by musical internet exploration, as they are with pushing the sounds of today’s club music
Hotly tipped Danish songstress MØ aka. Karen Marie Ørsted is stirring up a buzz throughout the global blogosphere these days. Tastemaker media such as Pitchfork, The Guardian and NME wrote about her and she just returned home from CMJ in New York after playing some widely praised shows.

With no albums out and only 2 online tracks the 23-year- old MØ recently faced a bidding war, which ultimately led to signing with Sony for the Scandinavian territory. Now MØ is being pursued by some of the most respectable labels in the UK and US. Scandinavia, it seems, has done it again!

MØ is spending the fall in the studio, wrapping up her highly anticipated debut album with Ronni Vindahl of Danish producer entity No Wav.

Listeners can expect a lush, warm and soulful production, however MØ brings the Scandinavian cold/cool and a street vibe edge to the songs, which makes for a sonic juxtaposition.

Her unique mix of indie, pop, hip-hop, electro and soul is hella fresh sounding and it genuinely sounds like MØ is fighting a battle of mixed emotions inside of herself.

The Guardian named MØ ’band of the day’ and hailed her as ’the next Grimes’ and having played alongside acts such as Purity Ring and MS MR, it seems like MØ might just be the next indie act to break through to the mainstream masses.

There is not much info out there on MØ who tends to let her music do the talking, but her facebook biography reveals a glimpse of her current state of mind:

”The snow nation is eating your brain and your young heart – dark as the apocalypse. So just go perish in the snøw. mø mø mø MØ MØ MØ”
Isaac Delusion
Isaac Delusion
Isaac Delusion are three Paris-based multidisciplinary artists who are continually exploring new musical landscapes. From deep to high pitches, Loic's distinctive voice allows him to find the right tone and create his own identity with every breath.
Loic's imagination makes him a mysterious character. His trips to Iceland and his love for American pop folk led him to compose with his friend Jules.
The trio's first offering, the Midnight Sun EP, was released on the esteemed French taste-maker label Cracki Records in early 2012. The EP is full of honest and simple pop songs, including the instant favorite, "Midnight Sun." Chris Douridas from KCRW best describes the tracks as "a burst of sweetly-sung pop propelled by catchy beats."
Early Morning, the trio's second EP also on Cracki Records, mixes pop, electronic, hip hop loops, folk and a funk bass, all with an unbearable lightness. It's a step forward for the band and shows an ongoing musical evolution. All this has been amplifying lately, from shows in New York for the CMJ Festival to Berlin, Barcelona and Warsaw, with a set at the 2012 Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris.
Just like a dream disappears when trying to catch one, Isaac Delusion's music is elusive. The first release was about sun at midnight, the second is about dawn. The band is currently working on a full-length album for release in 2013, keeping us all awake.
Evy Jane
Evy Jane
Evy Jane is the experimental R&B project of Vancouver-based musicians Evelyn Mason and Jeremiah Klein. Drawing from uk bass, gospel, and noise, the partnership yields beat-smart, hyper-textural pop that imparts a sense of fey elegance onto sub-bass juvenile delinquency.

Both Mason and Klein have been involved in the West Coast’s DJ/rave culture for years, each having performed at various festivals, and with Klein having been part of organizing some of Vancouver’s most memorable renegade dance parties.

Cycling through obsessions, but forever attached to pop hooks, Mason’s cindery voice is her primary instrument. Armed with a slew of synths, strings, and analogue pedals, the two have been writing and producing music since 2010.
Night Panther
Night Panther
Night Panther is a pop disco band founded by two best friends, Farzad Houshiarnejad and Mike Cammarata as an outlet for their youth. Fueled by sex, synths and Phil collins, an 8 track lp soon followed.
Much is often made of the relationship between artist and place. A common

consideration for sure, yet it seems foolish to appraise any artist without considering the

effect of his location on everything from his unique worldview to his understanding and

use of the various elements that make up his musical vision.

Consider then what it means to make music in the following landscape: a

city famed for its fearlessness and endeavor, struck by despair and shuttered. A city in

which delicate, perfumed beauty sits aside rancid, mangled poverty. A city wide eyed

and weary, at all times both monument and bulldozer, remaining itself through constant

“de” and “re”construction.

That city is New York and the band is RATKING. Wiki, Hak and Sporting Life. While

many of their peers seem too content to inhabit the safety of mimicry and pastiche,

RATKING’s music is best understood as neither reenactment nor recreation, but


To what, one might ask?

Well, a clip from any one of their frenetic live shows provides an

immediate answer: you hear the fallout of a bloated and self satisfied hip

hop, the nihilist refrain of dead end punk and the prickly reach for

connection that befits their noise and experimental influences. Left with

the various remaining bits of all these traditions and the bum-rush scramble of modern

life, RATKING are creating a new reality in every moment, just like every other inhabitant

of New York City. While Sporting Life weaves a teeming Big Apple backdrop, Wiki and

Hak act not only as our mischievous tour guides but dual ends of our own conscious:

one sharp witted, vulnerable and seemingly anti-social, the other feral, poetic and almost

philosophical. Call it ‘no wave’ rap. Call it ‘no school’ hip hop. Call it RATKING
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249