PopGun Presents

Dog Bite


Clinical Trials, Rumors

May 23

Doors: 8:30 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY


This event is 21 and over

Dog Bite
Dog Bite
"Dog Bite is the brainchild of Atlanta's 22 year old Phil Jones, a project of sun-baked anthems caught the ears of London's Young Turks Records (The XX, Wavves, Gang Gang Dance, Holy Fuck). For the past two years Dog Bite has been releasing a steady stream of creepy psychedelic/folk pop songs, gaining praise from taste-maker media outlets like Pitckfork and Fader.

Now, Jones has enlisted some of Atlanta's finest to transform Dog Bite into a real rock n' roll force: Will Fussell of Mood Rings, Stephen Lusce of Red Sea, Woody Shortridge of Balkans, and Cameron Gardner of Washed Out. Finally, Dog Bite will be a fully realized live sound.

Dog Bite combines all your hopes and dreams, fuses them with grapes and butterflies, and then lays them out on a tray with sliced oranges.
Formed in the summer of 2010, Brooklyn-based band OFFICERBLUE is Caitlin Frame (lead vox/rhythm guitar), Will Levith (lead guitar/backing vox), Darko Jelisic (bass), and Dan Drohan (drums/percussion).

An eclectic mix of pop, indie, rock, country, and dance, the band is fresh off the release of its self-titled debut EP (download it for FREE here:, produced by Matt Boynton at Vacation Island Recordings (Kurt Vile, MGMT, Beirut).

OFFICERBLUE is currently mixing its follow-up EP.
Clinical Trials
Clinical Trials
Puppies, ice cream, blast beats, science

Clinical Trials' latest effort, "Bleed Me" is a dark detour into the fringe regions of rock music. Challenging and balls-out, these new creations have been birthed bloody and wailing, fueled by punk, tinged with sexuality, yet still dangerously charming. From the first explosion of brass coupled with pummeling tom-heavy beats on "Whip It," to the deceptively poppy "American Girl," where dark synth textures bear counterweight to a danceable soca beat, "Bleed Me" is the most menacing type of thrill ride.

Bass-heavy, slow-driving verses give way to a wall of grunge guitars ("Sweet Machine"); hauntingly simple, nursery rhyme-like melodies dissipate into echoes of static and dying feedback ("White Fence"); nihilstic punk shouts soar over surf rock drums ("Animal"). The album oozes an intoxicating dysphoria. It breeds in a world of angst. It might leave you with a sense of nostalgic depression, or a reckless desire for self-destruction - perhaps even a chaotic urge to go out and smash little bunnies.

The EP was produced and mixed by the founding member of Clinical Trials, Somer Bingham, who also performs a wide range of duties in the live setting; playing bass & guitar simultaneously, triggering samples, and, of course, alternating between a disaffected sultriness and desperate, screaming vocals. She is now joined by bandmate Caryn Havlik, whose unstoppable energy & forcefulness in the kit-crushing department are a winning match for Bingham's live intensity.
Rumors is a NY rock-pop outfit composed of four city natives who have rounded out their rock roots with catchy melodies, shimmering synths, and dreamy harmonies.

Early in 2013 Rumors was founded by guitarist and lead vocalist John Paul Frank, keyboardist Liz Ryan, bassist Chris Bordeaux, and drummer Matt Gaffney, despite their knowing each other in various capacities since they were teenagers. It is comforting to know the group has taken its time to be realized, allowing each member years to hone their skills. Thus their ability as a whole to produce a 7" which sounds like a precursor to their third fourth full length.

The group will be releasing their first 7", on September 9th as a self-titled. The 7" features the tracks "Distance" and "Be Easy," both of which are heavy tunes filled with lush synths, jangly guitars, and immaculate live vocal harmonies. The two tracks were recorded at the Rumpus Room in Brooklyn, and produced by Albert DiFiore (Caveman, Sinkane, Francis and the lights).

By Ian Feulner of
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249