HOUSE PARTY, Atlas Sound

PopGun Presents


Atlas Sound

Internet Xplorer, Big Al (DJ set), Getawolfpup

May 05

Doors: 11:30 pm / Show: 11:30 pm

Glasslands Gallery

Brooklyn, NY

$5 with RSVP:

This event is 21 and over

A night to dance & hang. Jamz for days.
Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound
Atlas Sound is the solo moniker of Deerhunter frontman/provocateur Bradford Cox, so named since 1994, when a sixth-grade Bradford made recordings on a karaoke cassette machine bearing the words 'Atlas Sound'.

Though it was Cox's earliest musical incarnation, it wasn't until 2008 that the first Atlas Sound album emerged, Let The Blind Lead Those Who See But Cannot Feel. The genesis of the record can be traced back to those sixth-grade musical experiments; a time when he discovered through reading a Beck interview that his family's disused karaoke machine could be used as a rudimentary multi-tracking device. As Cox's tirelessly updated blog attests, with its caverns of freely available covers, demos and mixtapes, such recording processes are central to his music, colouring the intimate feel of Atlas Sound in a manner more apparent than when writing under the guise of Deerhunter.

If its predecessor was a record of fragile beauty and acute experimentalism that spoke of its bedroom genesis, the second Atlas Sound album, Logos, arrived in 2009 with a far more rooted pop sensibility. Featuring collaborations with Animal Collective's Noah Lennox and Laetitia Sadler of Stereolab, the album expanded on the often-insular tendencies of the first Atlas Sound record, this time outward gazing and almost sunshine loving in its ebullience. Moving away from piercing introspection and towards a grand pop plateau, Cox managed to translate his music into a more universally engaging form while retaining the intimate charms of the project.

Citing the "ideas that I can't make work with a five piece rock band" as the basis of his solo material, Cox's work as Atlas Sound represents a feral and prolific musical voice. With its scorched beauty, stream of consciousness, and wonderfully cohesive pop narrative, Atlas Sound is another outlet for Cox's relentless creativity, distinctly remaining the product of just one man's vision.

Atlas Sound have announced the release of new album, Parallax, out on 7th/8th (US) November.

This is perhaps Cox's best work to date, juxtaposing his modern, sometimes avant, songwriting sensibilities against a backdrop of ambient loneliness and a quiet feeling of desperation.

The artwork and photos come from Mick Rock, the legendary photographer best known for his work with David Bowie.
Internet Xplorer
Internet Xplorer
Famous for dropping the e.. so Bill G8$ don't sue me. Troubleshooting since Windows 95.
Big Al (DJ set)
Big Al (DJ set)
"Obvious choices. This dude was clearly raised on Puff Daddy and not much else." - Pitchfork Media

"Did he just play Ginuwine?" - Altered Zones

"Worst Bar Mitzvah I've ever been to." - Chris Weingarten

"... his track choices were pilfered from Q-Tip and Internet Xplorer. Try having your own taste for once." - Bill Pearis

"His face is way too fat for that haircut/outfit." - TimeOut New York

"People have given me offers to not have him play." - Tom Windish

"This is the best Bar Mitzvah I've ever been to!" - Lester Bangs
Venue Information:
Glasslands Gallery
289 Kent Avenue
Brooklyn, NY, 11249