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Track Premiere: The Undercover Dream Lovers – ‘The Way You Look’ (feat. Rivka Rose)

It’s been a good year for indie-pop on the East Coast, and with Brooklyn artist Matt Koenig’s upcoming EP release under his solo project The Undercover Dream Lovers, it’s going to get even better. The artist’s new single The Way You Look gives the features Rivka Rose of Pittsburgh dream-pop duo RIVKA on vocals, lamenting on the regret one feels when a relationship that has ended doesn’t feel quite over. The video for the single takes you on a journey through a myriad of home movies from the 1950’s and 60’s, which evoke the same hot-and-cold nostalgia the song itself does when Rose croons lyrics like “I know I set the tone/back when I let you go” and then later “I shouldnt hesitate to go with you.” Koenig’s production on the track complements the lyrics and video perfectly, setting a tone that is both wistful and warm, making it the perfect track for early spring.




– Carolyn Hanson

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