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Fri 06.02.2017

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Fri 06.02.2017

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Ela Minus

Fri 06.02.2017

Artist Features

Spotlight: Teen Daze

Teen Daze is a giant enigma in the synthwave realm. His name is Jamison (surname is still a mystery) and he hails from British Columbia. “My music doesn’t really sound Canadian, necessarily” though, he says. It’s cool, Jamison. We don’t believe in labels either.

Fresh out of the bedroom, Jamison already has an impressive body of work in just the five years he’s been putting out music. His tunes show a great amount of depth and artistry, checking off electro dance on All of Us, Together, and lo-fi chill on Glacier. His latest album released earlier this year, Morning World, is no exception to the mix.



Morning World explores more of Jamison’s versatility with instruments. While the swirly synths still provide the foundation of his music, we can hear him toy around with some strings and guitar on the side as well. And even more exciting is we can hear Jamison escape from elusiveness as he finds and utilizes his voice to a greater extent on this record. His timbre is modest and fragile, comparable to Ben Gibbard or Elliott Smith, even. And when paired with the overall light, melodic, kick-back-and-relax instrumentation, Morning World is definitely one of Teen Daze’s standouts.

Nate Poblete

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