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Eaters, Moon Diagrams

Sat 07.22.2017

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Sontag Shogun - Patterns For Resonant Space Album Release

Ari Finkel (fka Dali Vision), Lea Bertucci, Causings

Sat 07.22.2017

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Police Des Moeurs

Wed 07.26.2017

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Lauren Ritter & Maria Chavez

Wed 07.26.2017

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Spotlight: Bullion releases “Saysah!” video

It’s a swelteringly hot day here in Brooklyn, so I wasn’t quite sure if I was in a heat-induced delirium or watching the latest video by UK producer Bullion. Turns out it was the latter. “Saysah!” is an eclectic electro track featuring vaguely Middle Eastern instrumentation, laser beam sound effects, and a little saxophone. The song really has no sense or meaning…until you watch the video, that is.



Bullion né Nathan Jenkins explains to Fader:

“’Saysah!’ is about eggs and how brilliant it might be to climb into one and find a world of strange characters fizzing around…To be honest, the track wasn’t actually about anything, then the video was made and finally, some meaning!”

Curious yet? In the video above, produced by Business Company, Bullion takes you to a neon tundra, occupied by an army of colonizing, faceless mini-beings who reside in egg-shacks. Go for a trip, and stay tuned for the release of Bullion’s upcoming Rooster EP to be released via Greco-Roman Recordings July 17.

-Sydne Wheeler Larsen

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