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Wild Pink, Annie Hart

Mon 09.25.2017

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Scallops Hotel, Sammus

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Nosaj Thing

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Jim-E Stack

Wed 09.27.2017

The Modern Savage

Retail Space, Ubetcha

Fri 09.29.2017

No Regular Play (Live)

Taylor Bense

Sat 09.30.2017

Artist Features

Show Preview: The Donkeys

The Donkeys are a San Diego indie band born in 2004. Coming from California’s long tradition of great rock music, they are often compared to the likes of Pavement, The Grateful Dead, and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. While some might view this constant comparison as a curse (not unlike being the youngest kid in your family), The Donkeys take these palpable influences, stretching across decades, and freshen them up for a 21st century audience.

With an amalgamation of classic rock, country, and pop elements, The Donkeys offer melodic country rock songs that are as sunny and relaxed as (what we imagine to be) a day in San Diego. Since their formation in 2004, they’ve released four albums, the last of which (Ride The Black Wave) dropped in 2014. To give you a better idea of what you’re in for, Noisey said of the band in their review of the 2014 album: “If jammy East Coast bands like Real Estate and Woods lived by the San Diego shore instead of the one in Jersey, this is what they might sound like.”

We’re taking that into account by offering you the best of both worlds: NYC bands Stone Cold Fox, Total Makeover, and Royal Garde will share the stage with these Cali vets. So instead of exacerbating the circular argument over which coast really is the best coast, let’s just settle for the best of both.

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