Brooklyn's curator of unfolding nights, since 2008.


PopGun Presents was founded in 2008 by Rami Haykal and Jake Rosenthal, in a cacophonous live/work space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, with the stubborn idea of celebrating and advocating for the artists and music we care about. Back then, we were unemployed and we threw parties. There were long soggy night-mornings, and there was life-giving music, so we followed the light, Amen.

Since 2008, PopGun Presents has grown from a hapless duo into a full-scale music events production and promotion collective, a passionate team with discerning taste and a very large reach.


Every month we have our hands in a large collection of highly curated shows and parties throughout the city, in a humble attempt to spotlight the world-class artists that we feel deserve your respect and attention. Some events companies present music they don’t believe in — you won’t find that here.

Beyond events, our focus is the culture of emerging live music without boundaries, and so we designed this site to do more than sell tickets. We use as a soapbox to discuss innovative artists, to share what we’re listening to, and to publish a steady stream of photo galleries and interviews from our events.

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Pattern is Movement

Pattern is Movement

Thu 6/18